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Tech + Style Global Austin

We are working on the second phase of a fashion technology incubator focused on reinventing the fashion industry through a unique integration of fashion, technology, medical and the arts. Located in Austin, TX, our group endeavors not only to develop domestic production, but also to do so in an ecologically-sound and technologically-progressive way. To that end, the possible addition of new fashion technology is a very exciting prospect. Please advise us of any interest in being a part of our future. The project is still in the development phase. Currently, we have incubator partners representing private industry, government and education. And, the overarching goal of this group is to build a creative hub characterized by collaboration, incubation, and acceleration that will serve as model for Austin, the State of Texas, the nation—and, the globe. As you might imagine, each partner will contribute resources in accordance with its core strengths. Thus, as to the specific contributions that your company could make, that certainly remains open for discussion. I suggest we discuss the ways in which your company might be interested in contributing to, and learning from, our project. Of course the group would welcome financial support, assistance with labs, product development, education and training resources, etc. However, collaboration on all levels is the core mission of the Austin fashion incubator, so the specifics of a partnership would need to be further explored at your convenience.

Samuel Alexander-Founder

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When the average person thinks of a social network, they think of their favorite personal platforms like LinkedIN, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest, etc.

When business owners think of social networks, they think of how they can use the platforms to generate sales and attract customers. However, savvy business owners are realizing that there’s more to social networking and the ways it can accelerate business growth.

When your business builds a private  network for your staff and customers to communicate and thrive; you take customer service to the next level.

Private networks can quickly become intimate, fun communities your customers enjoy checking into several times a day. Social media platforms naturally drive people to think that way.

When you and your staff interact on your private network, you learn:

  • Where to take your organization in the future,
  • What new products and upgrades customers are craving,
  • What the prime frustrations and issues are with your current product or service offerings,
  • Who your target demographic is on a deeper level, and
  • Where more opportunities for joint ventures with other firms exist

Social networks create brand advocates because the act of socializing is rewarding for many people. In addition, when they meet others who share their interests on your network, you have enhanced their lives.

Private social networks are especially ideal for B2B businesses.

In a professional climate, customers expect you to value their input on product and service development. Your products and services drive their business models. In many cases, your firm is one of a short list of vendors that business has. Social media platforms make it simple and efficient for executives to check in with every client often.

Now’s a great time to show that your modern business cares and that your plan for the future includes the people who matter most, Contact us today at Order Register Let us help you create a safe, innovative space for your business to grow and engage with your customers.

Samuel Alexander CEO

Order Register Inc

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Order Register is your solution for expanding and growing your business as well as raising awareness in the customer’s and target audiences’ mind for your offerings. The world of fashion is evolving constantly, and there is no dearth of designers. The trick, however, is to have the spotlight on yourself. This is done through savvy designs and product deliveries, but also through the use of emerging marketing tools and through reaching a wider audience. All of this must then be managed effectively and efficiently so as to assist and facilitate business operations and marketing. Order-Register offers you with compatible and user-friendly solutions for managing your business- from the front end as well as the back end.

The company allows you to effectively and efficiently manage and allocate the resources available, and make the optimal use of time management as well. This is important because as it allows your company and personnel to respond to queries and feedback accurately and systematically. Order-Register allows your business to have a more systematic and an orderly face and manner. This is important not only for the internal management of the business that you are supporting, but also for managing the external image that your company projects. We offer solutions through providing you with: Social customer relationship management (SCRM) Enterprise resource planning (ERP) Software as a Service (SaaS) These solutions will aid in the smooth and UN-obstructive running of your business as well as allow you to penetrate the masses at large.The SCRM will enable you to use the social media platforms and gain advantage through them. It will not only identify the potential platforms that will be useful for you, but will also help you generate and reshape the content that you are planning to display.

This content will be tailored to match your business offering as well as the needs of the customer. The match created fills in the gap and leaves no room for discrepancy or loopholes in between the customer and your business. The ERP will similarly help you mange internal business resources and people. The SaaS will help you keep track of the activities and the processes that are being implemented and run through your business, as well as allow the tracking of results for these processes.

Order-Register will work for your company because it will allow you to tap into the global market and audiences. As our offerings are implemented through the World Wide Web, our solutions will aid you in business expansion as well as gaining recognition. Through portrayal on the social media and savvy management of your business on the same, our solutions can help you gain awareness and results in the soonest time. Our solutions will also allow you to operate 24/7- you will not be limited by time or space anymore.

Order-Register allows you to explore your own potential and reach the heights in the global fashion world- marking your own designs and creating waves through imagination. With us, no destination is unreachable, and nothing is UN-achievable-

Order Register is full of possibilities where nothing is impossible!

Thank You.

Sam Alexander

CEO Order Register Inc

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Order Register Creates Huge Opportunities for Bold Enterprises

Strengthen your business with Order Register’s global ecosystem. Order Register is a business software bridging all facets of businesses worldwide. It raises your capacity and your tendency to stay challenging in today’s global market. Order-Register provides you with consistent and user-friendly solutions for managing your business, from both front and back end. We enable you to effectively and efficiently manage and designate the resources available, and make the best possible use of your time. This is imperative because it enables your company and personnel to reply to queries and feedback in a timely manner. The disruptive aspect of Order Register entails that opportunities are no longer confined to domestic markets or mega corporations rather Order Register is significantly giving rise to new opportunities as software for small and medium-sized enterprises. It is fully capable of supporting and managing large business activities. In developing countries, Businesses are now able to engage in local, national and international trade to become part of the global economy.

Digital strategy must address business operations

  Order-Register allows your business to have a more systematic and precise manner. This is significant not only for the internal management of the business but also for managing the external image that your company portrays. Order Register offers solutions by providing you with:

  • Social customer relationship management (SCRM)
  • Enterprise resource planning (ERP)
  • Software as a Service (SaaS)
  • Virtual Mall (VM) and Augmented Mall (AM)

 Order Register enables enterprises to streamline processes, fast-track innovation and continually adapt to an ever-evolving marketplace.If you are looking for expansion and advancement for your business simultaneously, by informing your target audience and creating awareness in their minds then Order Register is your answer. The fashion industry has evolved overtime and there is no paucity of designers. In this scenario the way to go is to stay in the limelight which is done through crafty designs and product deliveries.  There is something else also that plays a vital role, which is the use of marketing tools that help you target a wider range of audience.

The anxiety around digital disruption is that it is happening everywhere.

The reality is that it will change entire industries for the better.

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Analog Devices, Inc. (ADI), the world's leading semiconductor company, recently introduced a three-axis MEMS accelerometer capable of performing high-resolution vibration measurements at extremely low noise and enabling early detection of structural defects through wireless sensor networks. The low-power performance of the new ADXL354 and ADXL355 accelerometers extends battery life and reduces battery life by extending battery life. The low noise and low power consumption of the ADXL354 and ADXL355 allow for low-level vibration measurement applications such as Structural Health Monitoring (SHM) at a cost-effective price point. In addition, the tilt stability of the ADXL354 and ADXL355 accelerometers provide excellent repeatability over temperature and time, making them ideal for direction and navigation systems in UAVs using inertial measurement units (IMU) and tiltmeters. These newest accelerometer products provide repeatable tilt measurements in all environments, allowing for minimum tilt errors without the need for extensive calibration in harsh environments. tps54620rgyt

The ADXL354 and ADXL355 accelerometers guarantee temperature stability with a zero-offset coefficient of 0.15mg / C (max). This stability minimizes calibration and test-related resource and cost overhead, helping equipment OEMs achieve higher throughput rates. In addition, the sealed package ensures that the final product is manufactured to meet reproducibility and stability specifications long afterwards. nud4700snt1g

The ADXL354 and ADXL355 accelerometers have output full-scale range (FSR) of ± 2g to ± 8g with selectable digital filtering from 1 Hz to 1 kHz and low noise density of 25μ / μs, while consuming less than 200μA of power; The power and BOM cost achieves the performance levels of the much more expensive devices.

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Beatiful Wedding Gowns for Outdoor Lawn Wedding

Real Stella York Bride


A sweet, outdoor ceremony accompanied by a fun, rustic reception started Kaylee and Carson’s marriage off without a hitch! With her two dogs by her side, bride Kaylee walked down the aisle in a stunning Stella York gown for her country wedding in Alberta, Canada.

From the bride: One of my most cherished memories was having my dogs taking part in the wedding! One as my flower girl and the other walked me down the aisle with my Dad and carried the rings. The weather was perfect and I had so many compliments on my dress fit and flare, lace dress. It was perfect for the rustic venue. I chose to wear my cowboys and they matched perfectly with the dress and the overall theme. My husband and I did an entrance dance, a two step, to Justin Moore’s “Point at You” and the dress was perfect! My husband was still able to pick my up and spin me around his hips without there being ‘too much dress’ to worry about stepping on!

Allure Bride


Well, Sposto Photography hit a home run with this gorgeously bright and organic wedding. Loren + Kevin couldn’t have asked for better photos and a more photogenic wedding party (pup included.) And this is a special treat for us, because Loren’s entire bridal party wore Allure wedding dress! Everything from her lace gown to the mix-and-matched bridesmaids dresses — seen here and here. Classic with a hint of rustic charm, this wedding is a definite Wedding Wednesday winner.

Eddy K. Bride


She went to BHLDN in Chicago to find a unique dress and oh did she find it. As soon as she tried it on she knew it was IT. She tried on others to really explore her options but her mind was already set on the EK1021 (Adalynn) in champagne/ivory. She paired the dress with a pearl headpiece matching a pearl bracelet and earrings, sparkly rose gold shoes and a satin blush belt with a beautiful rose in the back.

I had been eyeing it online but I had no idea how perfect it would be in person. What really drew me to the dress was that it was so whimsical and timeless. It also fit me incredibly well and accentuated my body without having to compromise comfort.

Real Midgley Bride

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It seems our Midgley Bride Jessica was born in the wrong decade; she’s all about the glitz and glamour of Gatsby-themed nuptials and a sparkly dress like Simone. We love the details of Jessica’s completed look, including her oval-cut vintage wedding ring and fingertip veil with delicate embellishments along the trim. (Not to mention the feather and rhinestone accents in Jessica’s braided updo and bouquet!) Scroll through for more details from Jessica and Jack’s elegant occasion, and check out our selection of vintage wedding dresses to find your own twenties-inspired gown!

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Although the consumer-grade desktop processors and servers and other commercial processor market, Intel has been in a state of strong invincibility, but the mobile processor, but has been severely rubbed by the ARM architecture on the ground, although there are mobile phones before Manufacturers launched Atom processor-powered mobile phones, and once a single-core dual-core, dual-core and quad-core such stories, but the market performance has been worrying. Finally did not escape the fate of the project development.

Atom - Intel's abandoned son

In 2008, Intel released ultra low voltage mobile processor Atom series, the first Atom processor-based products are Samsung's 7-inch mini PC products Q1, which is Intel's Atom series of expectations - in the portable class Low-power PC products to lay the foundation. In those years the major manufacturers have also introduced a lot of Atom processor equipped with products, such as the Internet and the like. dim250wks06

But after 2012, with the performance requirements for mobile computers increasingly high, it seems that Atom can not satisfy the appetite of consumers. So Intel is also conform to the trend, the Atom's development path to adjust the direction of the mobile processor, followed by around 2012, we continue to Asus, Lenovo and other manufacturers of mobile phones and flat products Atom processor to see the shadow.

But the PC market and lost to their own Core i series is not the same, in the mobile market, Atom ushered in the crazy ARM blow. At the time of the mobile processor market ARM is already a dominant, the market share of up to 95%. Intel wanted to enter this market a share, combined with other manufacturers launched a large number of equipped with Atom processor Andrews and WM mobile phones. I did not expect the market to Intel poured a pot of cold water, because in the power, heat and compatibility, poor performance, consumer evaluation of the relevant models is very low, the product sales are almost stagnant.

Although after the Intel mobile processor in the top of the allocation of a huge subsidy of $ 1 billion to encourage manufacturers to use their own Soc, but this vomiting big sale did not win a little market share for Intel, but in a few years saw the lead Mobile business losses of more than 70 billion dollars. So earlier this year, Intel completely abolished the Broxton and SoFIA two Atom processor product line development. The two product lines are released by the end of 13 years, this is the follow-up products Atom, but after repeated bounce, and finally escape death. pm45502c

However, the face of such a mobile processor has a huge prospect of the market can not be hard on, a few days ago, Intel client and the Internet of things president Wen Kata Lundu Jintala said Intel will not easily withdraw from the smart Mobile processor market, but a change in strategy, to give up the baseband and mobile processor package for sale, to stop the development of Soc, to sell a separate baseband chip. According to previous reports, Apple's iPhone 7 mobile phones have confirmed the use of Intel LTE baseband, and Intel baseband price of $ 33.9, which can be compared to Intel's mobile phone before the sale of property sales jumped more.

In addition to these general consumers will not know the supply chain penetration, Intel is also actively promote their products outside the mobile device in places outside force, the server and smart wear market is with the large data, cloud computing and Internet of things Outbreak and sustained growth, do a good job of these markets is more important for Intel. After all, in the mobile phone and tablet market, ARM's ecological already built, but in the cloud computing platform and Internet of things such as the rise of the platform in recent years, ARM's influence is not large, Intel can gain an advantage, ARM in the relevant industry before the establishment of their own ecosystem.

In the mobile device market, Intel is no longer thinking about using their own X86 architecture with ARM competition, but want to do with the ARM - ARM and Intel announced that 10nm foundry in close cooperation. However, this has not finished, Lun Jintara in an interview that does not rule out the expansion of cooperation with the ARM processor, but he did not mention what is more in-depth cooperation means. This also reflects the Intel's not willing to do, but you do not want to throw away this piece of meat and potatoes with mobile devices.

I believe many readers read this story will have a question, why in the desktop processor market invincible X86 architecture fought mobile processor after it failed?

First of all, we need to clear the fact that the mobile processor market can not escape the junction is the Andrews system, and Atom processor into the market, all Android APP development is based on the ARM architecture, although most Android applications are based on Dalvik Java code development, and the code is run through the virtual machine, it stands to reason that will not appear in the X86 compatibility issues. But Google allows developers to use the native C language code, and developers in the preparation of native code does not take into account when the X86 architecture (so Intel is still blame themselves into the market too late), so as long as the developers use the native code , Then the application is not compatible with X86, which resulted in x86 compatibility platform Andrews platform.

While Intel claims that Atom's "binary conversion" feature can solve this problem, but after statistics, Andrews platform, nearly 70% of the application developers have their own compiled code, the game even as high as 90%, so the use of Atom Platform Andrews devices, the processor needs to continue to binary conversion. The ruthless fact is here, in the use of binary conversion function, 1.6GHz Atom even 1GHz ARM architecture processor level, however, the performance decreased by more than 60%.

Here, you know why the X86's Atom bad so, compatibility issues make the processor in its own performance on all the advantages are no longer exist, when you run the same application, you need to call other processors twice Of the computing resources, then even if your processor is strong, but also can not avoid excessive power consumption and performance waste.

Therefore, the author point of view, the Andrews ecosystem has been very mature on the basis of Intel to give up on the mobile device with the ARM against the dry is very wise to switch to and Qualcomm, Samsung and ARM, but for their own cooperation is to win market share Good way, this way will their competitors into a high-pass and Samsung, the processor manufacturer, Intel has never been false from who.

After all, after the failure of the mobile market, Intel should understand - the difference between different architectures, the structure of the structure of the X86 architecture is also a very good choice, Is not so easy to fill the.

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Which Wedding Dresses to Wear at The Beach Wedding

beach wedding, whether held at an exotic destination or your summer getaway home, can be a great experience both for the couple and their guests. After all, it’s like a mini-vacation for everyone involved! However, pulling off a flawless event at the shore isn’t without its unique challenges. We tapped destination wedding designer Michelle Rago for her expert advice on the most important things to know when planning your nautical nuptials.

Stella York Bride


Real Stella York bride Megan’s Bahamas elopement is seriously so gorgeous, it has us packing our bags for the beach! Under tropical skies and with white sand beach between their toes, Megan and her groom Cody exchanged personal and heartfelt vows, promising each other a forever kind of love. For the big day, Megan wore a vintage-inspired ivory lace wedding dressthat capped off her romantic beach elopement perfectly.

From the bride: We were wed in an intimate, sunset beach ceremony attended solely by our photographer and her husband. We chose to elope for the ceremony simply to experience a wedding day away from the stresses of a traditional wedding. We wanted a day of simplicity, where the only thing to focus on was each other and the promise we were about to make in front of God. At the end of June, we celebrated with our loved ones at a bonfire reception on a beautiful farm and vineyard in southern West Virginia. Inspired by rustic and elegant elements, and SO much white, we created a reception that was truly “us.” The lanterns we scattered on the beach during our ceremony served as centerpieces on the farm. Everything about our wedding was elegant yet simple, which is exactly how I picture our “old-soul” kind of love. MyStella York dress (Stella York  5986) was one of the key pieces that satisfied both of those traits-it’s a timeless dress that I cherish. Looking back I realize that the big picture is only made beautiful if you focus your attention on the small details, everything will fall into place.

Eddy K. Bride


Ivanna took her search for a dress very seriously, she wanted something that would fit her personality and fashion sense but also something that wouldn’t wear her. She went to Julie Allen Bridals where the wedding consultant Jessica was able to understand everything she wanted. The MD175 was the last one Ivanna tried on after 15 dresses.

Ivanna loved the illusion back and unique detail this dress had to offer. It was light so she could dance the night away with all our friends and family.

Allure Bride


“As you can see, we had a barefoot beach side ceremony and our reception was nearby with thirty of our closest friends and family,” said Paige of her Punta Cana destination wedding. “I can honestly say every element of our day was what we envisioned. A casual environment, good food, great drinks, and lots of dancing. Even dancing in a light rain shower after dinner was finished!”

Paige + Clint’s incredible Mexico beach wedding is everything we could possibly want for this Wedding Wednesday inspiration, from the lenses of Heather and Jared. And if you can’t stop staring at Paige’s dress, see more details here!

David Tutera for Mon Cheri Bride


“Our wedding day was absolutely magical! I got to marry my best friend and the love of my life, and I got to do it in the most beautiful wedding gown I have ever worn – David Tutera for Mon Cheri 115251 – Blakesley from Kasia’s Bridal in Chicago. We had a traditional church wedding and a reception in a beautiful ballroom that overlooked the beach with glass walls so you could see the beautiful lake and gorgeous night sky.”

Amanda looked incredible wearing David Tutera for Mon Cheri Blakesley (Style No. 115251), a romantic A-line lace and tulle wedding dress with chapel length train. Her beautiful photos at the Illinois Beach Resort were captured by White Shutter Photography. offer a large variety of high-quality formal wedding dresses,beach wedding dresses,flower girl dresses and accessories,we can be customized according to customers’ requirements in vary size,style,color.

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Apple iPhone 7/7 Plus teardown after another exposure. Corporate expectations, packaging and testing plant in Taiwan ASE, silicon products, Qi State, Beijing yuan electricity, King Master, can eat up indirectly through customers.

Apple iPhone 7/7 Plus teardown after another exposure. Corporate expectations, packaging and testing plant in Taiwan ASE, silicon products, Qi State, Beijing yuan electricity, King Master, can eat up indirectly through customers.

iPhone 7 Kuangxiao Hot, iPhone 7 Plus is sold out, foreign technology website as well as market research firm IHS Markit, homeopathy have been released iPhone7 / 7 Plus dismantling report. m27500

iPhone 7 trend is expected to further lift the semiconductor packaging and testing performance. Legal persons that Taiwan factory including ASE, silicon products, Qi State, Beijing yuan electricity, King Master, etc., to major customers, Apple iPhone 7/7 Plus cut indirect supply chain by providing high-end packaging and testing services and the wafer carrier board.

There dismantling report noted, iPhone touchscreen controller 7 by ASE's USI (Universal Scientific Industries) manufacturing.

Legal representation, through the ASE supply fingerprint wafer micro-electromechanical (MEMS) packages system-in-package (SiP), 3D touch element and the gas pressure sensing element, cut into Apple's iPhone 7/7 Plus indirect supply chain.

On the other hand, silicon products in cooperation with the US Department of power management chip supplier in close to package, continue to supply the new Apple iPhone 7 through the US Department of power management chip suppliers, silicon products continued to cut into the iPhone 7/7 Plus indirect supply chain.

In the driver IC packaging and testing part, Qi State major Japanese panel driver IC customers still get iPhone LCD panel driver IC 7 orders, Qi State required by Japanese customers to supply small and medium size panel driver IC Chip On Glass (COG) and 12 inch gold bump product, cut indirectly related to the supply chain. 5kcp39gg

It is worth noting that the corporation noted that Chipbond positive pressure layout touch IC packaging, and other non-driving IC field, through the pressure of touch IC package layout, but also indirectly into the relevant supply chain.

Further legal noted that King Yuan electricity through the US Department of chip maker modem chip module single test, but also indirectly into the supply chain.

In the wafer carrier plate portion, legal representation, King Master mainly supply the US Department of chip maker customers IC board, cut into iPhone 7/7 Plus indirect supply chain, the main products include wafer size Flip Chip (FC-CSP) and the wafer carrier plate wire size package (WB-CSP) carrier board.

iPhone 7 built-in components may further introduction of new packaging technologies. South Korean technology media sites previously reported, iPhone antenna switch module (ASM) 7 within the fan-out type package may use technology (Fan Out Packaging technology).

Legal representation, the global semiconductor manufacturers active layout fan-out type package technology products, TSMC storm integrated fan-out (InFO) wafer-level package, the rear section of professional fabless IC packaging and testing (OSAT) Taiwan factory including ASE, silicon products, into force, as well as Amkor, ChipPAC, Portugal and South Korea, packaging and testing plant NANIUM Nepes packaging and testing plant, etc., are actively cut into the fan-out type package technology.

Korean media also pointed out earlier, iPhone 7 may apply an electromagnetic interference (EMI) shielding technology, through the main wafer isolated manner, reduce electromagnetic interference, can improve operational efficiency iPhone 7.

Reports speculated that mainland China's Jiangsu long ChipPAC (STATS ChipPAC), and Amkor (Amkor) two professional packaging and testing plant, may be responsible for iPhone electromagnetic interference shielding 7 major wafer technology.

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Applied Materials (AMAT-US) recently with Singapore Technologies Research Council (A * STAR) Institute of Microelectronics announced the Advanced Packaging Center of Excellence in Singapore (Centre of Excellence in Advanced Packaging) plans for five-year extension studies, the two sides will expand R & D cooperation scope, focusing on advanced shed-type wafer level package (Fan-Out wafer-level packaging) technology, which will help chip and end-user devices become smaller, faster and more energy efficient; should represent material , the new investment plan of about 188 million yuan coins star, will develop new science park.

Applied Materials said that in addition to existing facilities in Singapore Science Park II, this star is expected to add 188 million coins joint investment plan, it will be extended to a second location of the second Fusionopolis park. The two facilities were combined area accounts for 1700 square meters, will employ nearly 100 researchers, scientists and engineers. bsm50gd170dl

Material should be noted, by way of material should provide the entire line of wafer-level packaging technology manufacturing equipment, this center will be dedicated to the development of advanced packaging technology and new capacity, the center has been able to successfully provide excellent semiconductor hardware, process and device configuration.

President of Applied Materials Southeast Asia Tan Mingyao said Applied Materials over the past five years in cooperation with Star State Science and Technology Research Council, will help to enhance the visibility and the establishment of R & D capabilities; from concept to product development, research and development throughout the value to the schema in the local area, the expansion of cooperation help material should continue for the global market development of new technologies and products, while continuing to serve as an important contributor to Singapore's innovation economy. fs50r12ke3

Science and Technology Research Council of Singapore general manager Reggie Tangpu Lan (Raj.Thampuran) said, and Applied Materials research and development in new areas, to promote cooperation between each other, hit a new milestone in the progress of cooperation the two sides for the first time described for Science, Technology and Applied Materials Research Council is successful partnership, the future will continue to promote the semiconductor industry is committed to innovation and rapidly changing technological territory ahead.

Things and Big Data continue to advance material should be noted that the shed-type wafer level packaging technology is seen as a major support system miniature technology platform that helps multiple chips integrated in a single package at the tiny type on the body, shed wafer-level packaging technology to provide mobile and wireless market of great help, to increase investment in this area will help to promote Singapore as a hub for the global semiconductor research and development.

Applied Materials said through successful alliances with the private sector's value chain, contribute to the Research Council for Science, Technology Singapore active research, innovation and business ecology. In 2014, Singapore Technologies Research Council and other 10 industry partners set up four advanced semiconductor joint laboratory, to provide integrated platform for research and development complex microchip manufacturing; these global partners and Applied Materials Star State Science and Technology Research Council and the joint R & D center in Singapore will continue to deepen in semiconductor research and development, and to create high-value work content and industrial competitiveness.

Singapore Advanced Packaging material should center customers worldwide in wafer level packaging research, perform complex interdisciplinary research program to provide new and innovative advanced packaging in advance, including bumps, through-silicon via, 2.5D interposer, and now shed wafer-level packaging technology....

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OSRAM set up a new division focusing wisdom Fluxunit lighting

In order to stimulate internal and external innovation, OSRAM created a breeding career accelerator Fluxunit. OSRAM founded elastic body independent of its business outside the existing structure, will promote new business concepts and the combined effect of play, and will Fluxunit set inside and outside the company Osram newly created activity center.

OSRAM technology officer Stefan Kampmann, said: "OSRAM is committed to being digitized, networked lighting solutions first-line supplier to borrow from the Fluxunit's inception, the company will be able to have the resources to promote and to promote the concept of innovation, but also to support the Osram lighting. market positioning. " mbrb2035ct

With the November 2015 Innovation and Incubation Unit "Diamond" come out, OSRAM once again put their emphasis on technology leadership position. Established Fluxunit also means OSRAM coming towards the development of the field of high-tech companies, mainly founded on the original semiconductor and digital technologies.

Through the newly created business units, OSRAM can accelerate innovation hair want to achieve, and also the formation of a newly created alliance. Stefan Kampmann, said: "With the creation of Fluxunit, we will be able to catch up with the digital needs of the rate of change." j1011f01p

Fluxunit will promote the development and implementation of innovative concepts, not limited to the traditional lighting business entities. Such positioning aims to develop the business model while and wait for the market to mature. In a functional standpoint, this newly created incubation centers will work closely with OSRAM's innovation and strategy department.

Fluxunit in Munich, Germany will have a separate office space. OSRAM also decided to use an independent outside company's organizational structure, let Fluxunit full benefits of operating independently.

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Amazing Wedding Gowns for Outdoor Wedding

If you’ve decided to have an outdoor wedding, congratulations! Outdoor weddings are romantic and beautiful. However, they aren’t as easy as they may look. Outdoor weddings come with additional caveats and pitfalls, you’ll be sure to shine on your wedding day.

Essense of Australia Bride


Long-distance planning couldn’t even stop Kim and her husband, Ryan, from having the wedding day of their dreams. Thanks to a little help from friends and family (and an amazingEssense of Australia gown) their day was picture-perfect. Congrats, Kim and Ryan!

From the bride: My biggest challenge in planning our wedding was the distance. Both my husband and I are from the midwest, but have been living in Boston for the past four years. We both knew that we would be married in Chicago, but I feared it would be difficult to plan the details of our day so many miles away. Fortunately, my family and bridesmaids stood-in for me whenever I needed, which was amazing! My best piece of advice to a bride planning from long-distance…you can do it!! Allow anyone to help who is willing, especially those who you trust to be your eyes and ears when you are not present. I always told myself that I never wanted to plan a wedding while living out of town, as I did not want to miss out on the special moments in the planning process.

allure bride


With sunflowers galore, one of our absolute favorite wedding dresses and two faces literally shining with happiness, Melodie + Will’s Texas wedding is a delightful addition to our Wedding Wednesday.

Maggie Sottero bride


How did you know when you found ‘The Dress’?

I actually found my dress a week before I purchased it. At the first bridal shop my mom selected the Emma version of the dress which I was happy with but not yet sold. When we went to the second bridal store, after describing my experience, they told me they had a dress that would top all of them, it was the Emma Marie! I fell in love but I was so nervous and in shock that it happened so quickly, second store about 3 dresses in, that I felt like I needed to wait. I waited a week and every day and night I obsessed over the dress and knew I had to go back. Every other dress felt like I was putting on a table cloth or wearing a dress I stole from my mom or sister’s closet. I went back to the second shop with my mom, sister, dad and future mother-in-law. A few of my bridesmaids showed up later. When I put the dress on for the second time I came out and my whole family was in tears, including my dad. I started to walk around in it and I started to cry. I finally felt like a bride and knew the dress was made for me.

What was your favorite part of the dress?

I was fascinated by the extended illusion-train. When I had it on I could not stop turning to the back and staring down at it. The buttons along the back was my second favorite; it brought it all together.

Eddy K. Bride


Petra had lots of fun choosing her wedding dress. She gathered all her female loved ones and they went together to the salon. The second dress she tried was the EK1028 and it was everything she dreamed of: ballgown, sweetheart neckline, beading on top, a simple skirt and a belt to accentuate her silhouette. She tried on about 10 more but the decision was made. She paired her dress with a tiara and earrings matching her engagement ring. Not long before her wedding her grandmother passed away so she also wore a simple gold bracelet that used to belong to her.

David Tutera for Mon Cheri Bride


Anyone who knows me well would laugh if they heard “wedding dress” as my endeavours to find the right dress were something of a comedy – all I’ll say is “third time lucky”! On a serious note though, the David Tutera for Mon Cheri “Gia” dress was absolutely stunning and could have been designed for the day; it glimmered in the church and in the sunshine and felt like something I’d wear while still being traditional. I saw the dress in a magazine and thought it was stunning but wasn’t in a position to get a dress at the time; when I did end up wearing it for the first time I was so happy that it suited me too. A brilliant seamstress nearby, Tina Waller, altered my dress and modified the neckline slightly so it was more of a sweetheart as I wanted to be a bit more daring!

Feeldress have many cheap wedding dresses for outdoor wedding 2016 fall and 2017 can choose the perfect wedding gowns for youself.

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colors of homecoming dresses 2016

In the plant and animal kingdom, Mother Nature uses color to help attract partners, pollinate and keep the species going. Colors can also intimidate larger species and help creatures find their community.

Humans get to adorn the colors of their choice, though some of us may not realize that the rules still apply. While you might not have too many outright predators in high school, most everyone is looking for their squad, and the colors you wear could influence things.

Do you know what that little black dress or sweet green off the shoulder number are relaying? Is it helping your chances of attracting your crew or catching the eye of a certain cutie? Does it show the world that you’re a sensitive artist or an independent leader?

The homecoming dress you choose will ideally boost your confidence and outwardly reflect a piece of your individuality. Give the color wheel a spin and read up on what your homecoming dress of choice may be saying about you.



Dresses L to R: Sherri Hill, Scala, Favina

You are passionate, bold and not afraid to speak your mind. Action-oriented, you prefer to squeeze every drop out of life and don’t mind all eyes on you. As a natural extrovert you have no trouble walking up and introducing yourself. On homecoming night, your group likely has you to thank for organizing the evening and making sure everyone is having the time of their lives!



Dresses L to R: Mon Cheri, Dave and Johnny, Mori Lee

During the school year you may be a bit of a bookworm, but that doesn’t mean you don’t also know how to have a lit time. Your natural intelligence makes you a teacher’s favorite while your sunny disposition means everyone loves being around you. With a knack for order and eye for details, you’re likely to have all your accessories, from jewelry to shoes to makeup planned out well in advance. Don’t be surprised if your girls come to you looking some help planning their outfits!



Dresses L to R: Madison James, Sherri Hill, Dave and Johnny

Calm and charismatic, you are especially easy to be around. You’re also highly affectionate and extremely loyal. Perhaps this is why you have so many true friendships! Whether you choose to spend homecoming with your bae or a few of your closest friends, it’s sure to be a memorable experience that you’ll treasure for years to come.



Dresses L to R: Sherri Hill, Scala, Mori Lee

Gals who are positive, trustworthy and witty often flock to this cool color. With your knack for analysis we wouldn’t be surprised if you tried on a few dresses and carefully evaluated each one before deciding on your ideal look. Now that the tough part is over, make sure to cut loose a bit!



Dresses L to R: Hannah S, Favina, Sherri Hill

You’re an artist who loves beauty in all forms. Whether your passion is poetry or pottery, you can showcase your unique personality in this royal color. Because you’re so nostalgic, we imagine your dress will be sufficiently documented with all the pics, snaps and posts you put up of you and your squad. You know how to make homecoming memorable and fun…don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.



Dresses L to R: Sherri Hill, Favina, Sherri Hill

Carefree and bubbly? Think pink! This deliciously femme color comes in a variety of shades, all of which are sure to bring out your inner lover. We know how affectionate you are with your friends and how much you love to live in the moment. Pink is also perfect for making new gal pals or flirting with your long-time crush!



Dresses L to R: La Femme, Sherri Hill, Scala

You’ve always been told you’re very sophisticated for your age. You’re also independent with a flare for timeless fashion. We also know how much you love to make a statement, which is why we’re sure to be looking at you with the freshest hairdo, nails and accessories. Prepare for all the photo requests and all the questions about where you scored your awesome look!



Dresses L to R: Sherri Hill, La Femme, Sherri Hill

Don’t belong to just one squad? Love the freedom of befriending all walks of life and doin’ your own thang? We’re not surprised to see you reaching for a white homecoming dress. Roll up to the dance with your head held high. Let the girls in your grade know you’re arriving stag and are proud to be a single lady. Just don’t be shocked if you attract some interest from people who want a one dance.



Dresses L to R: Hannah S, Sherri Hill, Sherri HIll

Want a dress that’s as individual and dynamic as you are? You’ll have the whole school talking about your gold homecoming dress. Take your responsibility as life of the party seriously and dance like everyone’s watching.



Dresses L to R: Sherri Hill, La Femme, Sherri Hill

Confident and sophisticated are your middle names. That’s why you couldn’t pass up a Silver gown. Plus, this sultry shimmer will look amazing as you accept your crown as Homecoming queen 2016.

Ultimately, the color you choose for the first dance of the year says more about your personality than you might realize. It goes beyond what shades work best with your skin tone and communicates your individuality.

Which color brings out your inner homecoming queen?

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Beautiful Bridal Gowns For Seaside Wedding

Essense of Australia Bride


Taking the non-traditional route, Elizabeth and Kris had an intimate family-only ceremony in their hometown, and had a destination wedding shoot taken on their honeymoon in Cancun. Elizabeth’s Essense of Australia wedding dress could not have looked more beautiful against the bright blue backdrop of the water, and the two of them could not have looked more in love. Congrats!

From the bride: Kris and I met online. We had our first date on 09/22/15 and the connection was instantaneous! Since then, we have been inseparable. Within two days our relationship was official. He was the answer to my prayers. He is everything that I prayed for and more. On the second day of knowing him, I took him to church with me, and he basically met my entire family on that day. When he said he enjoyed it, and that he wanted to come again, I knew he was “the one”.

allure bride


Dyanna Joy Photography brings us this lavender-infused Wedding Wednesday on our blog today. And may we suggest — if you’re looking for a feminine accent color and are looking for an option other than pink — may we humbly suggest you keep scrolling through Brittany + Matt’s photos. Because bridal white and pale purple are so dreamy together. Enjoy our feature, and be sure to check out Brittany’s allure bridals wedding dress on our website!

Eddy K. Bride


To find her dress, Shannon visited some stores out of town before realizing Petrov Bridal was right there in her hometown. She liked how the store stood up with all the European designers. Thanks to the help of the owner, after trying on many dresses, Shannon was mesmerized by theeddy k. wedding dress 77961.

It was everything I had been searching for in my dream wedding gown; fit and flair, head to toe lace with a bit of a train, a sweetheart neckline and an illusion back. As soon as I walked out of the dressing room, everyone there knew right away that I had found my gown!

She had some alterations done to the dress since she wanted an even lower illusion back and she added a beautiful belt to compliment her waistline. She also wore Swarovski Crystal Diapason earrings that matched the shape of the lace. Her mom had a pendant specially made containing a small capsule with her dad’s ashes so she could have her dad with her on her wedding day. She also had a small picture of him attached to the bouquet.

Dress: ADK 77961 in ivory/ivory

David Tutera for Mon Cheri Bride


“I got married at Belle Mer in Newport on July 23, 2016. The theme of the wedding was seaside glam. We had a fantastic sunset and the sun began to set during cocktail hour. We had a great view of the Newport Bridge and fantastic weather that evening. The belt was added to my David Tutera Wedding dress for an extra dose of glam.”

Beaming bride Katelyn is gorgeous wearing David Tutera for Mon Cheri Aura (Style No. 116201) in Ivory/Gardenia for her seaside summer wedding. This off the shoulder lace wedding dresshas a deep sweetheart neckline with illusion lace cap sleeves and illusion lace low back bodice. The sparkly belt that Katelyn added was the perfect extra touch.

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The Best Wedding Dresses For 8 Body Types

Most of us are so excited to start the wedding gown selection process. We’ve dreamed of trying on dresses our whole lives, but can’t necessarily translate the fantasy into reality. How do you choose the right wedding dress for your body type? If you can put aside your preconceived notions about style or fabric in favor of these tried-and-true tips, you will end up with the dress of your dreams. We know we’ve got something to offer to everyone at Feeldress, so let’s get started.

If You're Pear-Shaped

1 6330.1464815184.0

Look for: A skirt that gradually flares out in an A formation from the natural waist to the floor, highlighting the narrowness of the midsection and floating away from the hips and thighs. (Sturdier fabrics, such as duchesse satin and taffeta, are especially effective, since they won't cling.) A spaghetti-strap bodice or a V neckline will also showcase a more slender upper body.

Keep in mind: A classic A-line silhouette lends itself to formal weddings, but it can also be dressed down when made from a more casual fabric, like eyelet lace or raw-silk shantung.

If You're Busty

2 6341.1464815193.0

Look for: A dress with a scooped neckline. It will open up your face and display your décolletage without showing too much cleavage. If you love the look of strapless gowns, choose one that has a slight dip along the neckline, like a sweetheart, rather than a style that goes straight across (which will make your bust appear even larger and more shelflike).

Keep in mind: Fabric on the bodice that has a sheen to it (such as organza, satin, or silk) will add volume and call attention to your chest. Material that is ruched will have the same effect.

If You’re Plus-Sized

3 39765_117143

Look for: An Empire dress with a skirt that begins just under the bust and flows into a gradual floor-length A-line. Make sure the Empire seam does not start on the chest and that there is no pleating of the fabric, which is reminiscent of maternity wear. The dress should play up your shape; if it’s too loose, it will add pounds.

Keep in mind: Find fabrics like satin that provide structure, rather than anything too flowy. If you love the romantic look of airier fabrics, choose a gown with a stiffer base, then add an embroidered tulle overlay.

If You’re Apple-Shaped

4 pronovias-usana_01

Look for: A dress that cinches in at the smallest point on the waistline, then flares out into a gradual A shape. Opt for a bodice with a lot of texture to it―think ruche or lace detailing―that will camouflage and fit snugly, creating a corsetlike effect. The most slenderizing neckline for you is one with a deep V, which will draw eyes toward the vertical, not the horizontal.

Keep in mind: Avoid trumpet dress styles, which emphasize the area where your body is widest and flare out at the legs and the knees, where you are most slender.

If You're Tall

5 a5c554a516207b3d26518e14053736b9

Look for: A simple silhouette. The strategy is to emphasize your natural shape, so every aspect of the dress―the lower waistline, a floor-sweeping hem―needs to reflect your longer proportions. If you're wearing long sleeves, they should go past the wrist. You don't want to look as if you've borrowed a gown from someone shorter than you.

Keep in mind: Because you are statuesque, you'll want to err on the side of simplicity when it comes to embellishments. Too many bells and whistles, like ruffles and rosettes, can come off as cutesy, particularly on a tall person.

If You’re Straight-Lined

6 a3571

Look for: A dress that will create curves where you don’t have them. Try a sheath dress in a wispy charmeuse that’s cut on the bias; the curving side seam will give you a va-va-va-voom silhouette. Or look for a ball gown that cinches in at your natural waist and descends into a full, flowing floor-length skirt: It will capitalize on your slenderness and camouflage a lack of hips.

Keep in mind: If you have a small bust, look for a bodice with some ruching to create volume.

If You're Petite

7 d976ff6a-8174-42bc-8abf-6cbf9286519e.enlargednormal_1_2

Look for: Trumpet, sheath, and modified A-line wedding gowns. Find a style with a waistline above your natural waist, to make the lower half of the dress (and therefore you) appear longer. The fabric is up to you―you can pull off a high sheen. But the detailing should be small (no huge bows) and limited to the bodice, to draw the eye upward.

Keep in mind: Be wary of dresses with a dropped waist, which will make your legs seem nonexistent, and ball gowns―it's easy to get lost in that voluminous skirt. Also, avoid anything calf-length, which will make your legs look short.

If You're Small-Chested

8 16b62a09-4c31-4ee1-a076-b0c54196e205.enlargednormal

Look for: A ruched bodice. Extra fabric up top will help fill out your upper body and create the illusion of curves. Lightly padded halter styles will also do the trick.

Keep in mind: The right bra will always provide a nice boost, but as many wedding dresses are strapless or backless, your undergarment options may be fairly limited. Instead, try self-adhesive silicone bra cups by NuBra

When choosing the best wedding dress for your body type, remember, there’s an exception to every rule. If you truly love something on the hanger, take a moment to try it on. At Feeldress, we know that every bride is exceptional in her own way.

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Elegant Wedding Dresses for Real Church Wedding

Western bride and groom prefer held their wedding in the church, which would allow them to receive God’s blessing wedding. Choose a suitable church wedding wear wedding dress is very important for the bride.

Essense of Australia Bride

1 hillary-3

Inspired by timeless, romantic tradition, Hillary wanted her wedding to be something she could look back on in 50 years and still feel like everything was in style. From her Essense of Australia wedding dress to the historic wedding and reception venues, her perfect classic, romantic wedding was captured beautifully by Laura’s Focus Photography. Congratulations, Hillary and Adam!

From the bride: We chose the location for our wedding ceremony because it was the beautiful old church that we both attended. We chose our reception site because it was in a convenient historical location downtown, only a half-mile away from the church and easy to find for our out-of-town guests.

Allure Bride

2 samryan_01

Sam + Ryan’s sweet wedding portraits were shot by Tamara Gruner and feature a plethora of subtly classic blush, cream and sparkling details. And our bride is oh-so-delightful in anelegant ballgown wedding dress, accessorized with a cathedral length veil and chic silver pumps. If you’re a fan of the traditional wedding done properly, keep scrolling. Happy Wedding Wednesday!

David Tutera for Mon Cheri Bride

3 rosie13

Rosie had a traditional Bavarian wedding with American influences wearing David Tutera for Mon Cheri Laina (Style No. 116210). She was simply beautiful in her strapless organza and lace A-line wedding dress with a sweetheart neckline and jeweled motif at the waist. From the wedding ceremony candle to the wooden heart guestbook and getaway car, we love how Rosie and Robert customized their day.

Eddy K. Bride

4 Nikita_blog_5

Nikita was determined to find her dress in just one store, so she made her appointment at Bride Beautiful in Atlanta. That same day they had an Eddy K. Trunk Show at the store so she had to wait in line to try on her dream dress. After trying on others, her mind was set on the CT154 in Champagne. She paired her dress with a simple bracelet, drop earrings and her late grandmother’s ring and glittery gold shoes.

This was it, this was my dress! I fell in love with the beading at the top and the drama at the bottom. It almost reminds me of waves in the ocean… The champagne color was everything to me, it made me feel very elegant.

Maggie Sottero bride

5 Ellingham-Hall_0038-655x1024

We stand corrected; it turns out you can make a lace wedding dress by Maggie SotteroDesigns even more magical! Our Maggie Bride Amy customized her Bronwyn gown by layering the vintage-inspired fit-and-flare over a lovely lilac petticoat, matching perfectly with the windowpane design on the groom’s impeccably tailored suit. Set against a gorgeous backdrop of an English autumn, this wedding featured delicate pastel florals, art-deco-inspired details, and sweet butterfly accents. offer a large variety of high-quality formal wedding dresses,informal wedding dresses,flower girl dresses and accessories,we can be customized according to customers’ requirements in vary size,style,color.

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Beautiful Mother of the Bride Dresses

When saying ‘I do’ the bride isn’t the only stylish gal in the room. Mother of the Bride also needs to look the part.

Gone are the days of outdated boxy silhouettes and matronly color schemes of beige and pastel. Whether she’s going to rock a sophisticated two-piece suit, elegant long gown or trendy tea length evening dress we have some looks that are sure to turn heads.

Check out these flattering mother of the bride dresses that are totally on trend for Summer 2016 weddings and some general tips when shopping for the ultimate mother of the bride gown.


MOBs should start by looking to their daughter (or daughter’s to-be) as they make their dress selection. If all the bridal party will be wearing a specific fabric, lace, silk, etc, the mother of the bride may want to adopt the same theme. For elegant weddings this strapless crepe back satin A-line dress slays. With its sweetheart neckline, side ruched bodice, hand-beaded lace, and asymmetrically dropped waistline, all the gown’s unique features culminate above the gently gathered skirt. To really make it your own, consider investing in the dress’ matching shawl or removable straps.


Hello summer! If you’re looking for a mother of the bride dress as bright and warm as mommy dearest herself, this chartreuse lace knee-length sheath dress is a bowl full of sunshine. Thoughtful details like an illusion lace elbow-length sleeve, lovely bateau neckline and keyhole back give the gown a contemporary appeal. Hand-beading accents along the natural waistline trim the midriff and break up the lace all while adding a touch of flare. Just make sure colorful dresses fall in line with the rest of the bridal party and/or overall décor at the ceremony.


Move over boxy, pastel suit, there’s a new gown in town. This elegant floor-length asymmetrical gown is a true, unique beauty. The most prominent feature is an off center V-strap adorned with beads. Fastened to its straight neckline, the strap holds a flounce drape that sashays down the front of the gown and continues to the hem. When shopping for gowns as distinctive as this one, it’s important to encourage mom to start early (about three months prior to the wedding date). Doing so will leave time for any necessary alternations before the big day.


Often, bride and MOB will agree that traditional is the way to go. In that case, a pastel two piece mother of the bride dress is always in style. Between its sleeveless knee-length sheath, hand-beaded illusion neckline over sweetheart bodice, and keyhole back this classic look has been updated with a fresh silhouette. For a stately addition, pair with this matching three-quarter length sleeve bolero jacket.


If colors are getting in the way of mom trying on a style that you know would look killer on her, try suggesting she consider a neutral frock. This satin A-line mock two-piece dress is a great start. Illusion short sleeves trimmed with hand beading, an off-the-shoulder neckline and sweetheart bodice are only the beginning. The back features a keyhole cutout and sweep train, making it striking from all possible angles.

In the end, the most important decision should come based on the mother of the bride dress that mom feels the greatest in. So long as she does, she’s sure to radiate the joy and happiness brought forth by this most special of days, no matter what she’s wearing!

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Beautiful Wedding Dresses For Outdoor Lawn Wedding

Outdoor lawn wedding party is many brides and grooms like,they and gusts can play wedding games and have a good wedding day.A beatiful wedding dresses can Let the bride more attractive.

Stella York Bride


Bride Jessica and groom Adam knew instantly they were meant for one another. By celebrating their love with an intimate, canyon wedding, they were able to enjoy every second of their special day. Jessica wore a stunning Antique-inspired modified fit-and-flarewedding gown from Stella York, with a low, illusion back for her ‘I do’s’. What started out as love at first sight, continues into a perfect forever.

Allure Bride


Virginia’s Keswick Hall proved the perfect backdrop for Blair + Grantham’s classic wedding, captured beautifully (as always) by Michael & Carina Photography. Blair stunned in this intricately-beaded Allure Bridals ballgown, and all the blush and gold details will keep our hearts happy for the remainder of the week. Keep scrolling for countless pretty accents and one very sleepy bulldog pup.

Mon Cheri Bride


We came upon this simple, minimalistic wedding held outside of Austin, Texas at a modern event space know as Prospect House on Sprout Floral Event & Design’s blog.

The ceremony took place outside in the surrounding landscape where native prairie grasses and trees provided a breathtaking backdrop.

Sprout decided to let ” the prairie be the focal point for the ceremony as it is seen through the steel frame that serves as a backdrop for outdoor weddings ~ adding native grasses in simple wood planters to tie in the scene.”

We love everything about this wedding and would be hard pressed to pick our favorite things, but we’ll try!

We are so enamored of the steel frame on the grounds that acts like a giant picture frame showcasing the landscape as backdrop.

A much inspired idea rather than decorating the actual frame which would take away from the gorgeous scenery. The unique and simple bridesmaids’ bouquets of tied grasses is also a highlight.

We could go on, but would rather you scroll down to check out all the beauty of both the venue and the floral design by Sprout. Mayhar Design styled the wedding and Taylor Lord captured this truly inspiring wedding.

Maggie Bride


How did you know when you found “the dress”?

I had been to a couple different wedding dress shops before, but felt like I was seeing variations of the same type of dress. I finally made an appointment at Kleinfeld because I knew they carried Maggie Sottero dresses. The Jade dress had been on the list of dresses I wanted to try on and as soon as I put it on I knew that was it! It had everything I was looking for; cap sleeves, open back, sweetheart neckline, and “gentle bling” as my bridal party said. My dog who passed away a year before was also named Jade, so I sort of took that as the deciding sign.

What was your favorite part of “the dress”?

Definitely the back! I love the double key-hole! But also, the overall shape and fit and all of the little details. I received SO many compliments the day-of.

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Homecoming Dress Trends at Miss Teen USA 2016

Though the first modern-day pageant wasn’t organized until 1854, humans have been celebrating youthful beauty since the medieval ages. The oldest and most well known pageant, the Miss USA competition, originally began as a tourist attraction in 1921.

It has since grown into a contest celebrating intelligence and personality as well as physical appearance. It’s also a great place to spot emerging trends in formalwear.

Want to feel like a beauty pageant winner at your homecoming dance? Get some HOCO inspo from these Miss Teen USA contestants.


Makenzie Falcon, Miss South Dakota Teen USA, chose a green mock collar, illusion neckevening gown to highlight her natural good looks. The sweetheart neckline, cinched waist and flowing skirt are perfect for making a graceful entrance.


Gracyn Blackmore, Miss Virginia Teen USA 2016 knew this sequin plunge bodice and ballgown homecoming dress would turn heads. We love the way this textured feather skirt adds dimension and flare to an already impressive silhouette.


Erin Snow, Miss Alabama Teen USA 2016, may not have taken home the crown, but she gets our vote for best dressed. This off the shoulder gown is the ultimate homecoming trend. We love the way the beaded belt adds a pop of sparkle.


Bentley Wright, Miss Georgia Teen USA, wowed in this white silk plunge neck dress. Complete with a built in modesty panel and an elegant scoop back, this slightly flared trumpet dress compliments a variety of shapes and skin tones.


Emily Hutchinson, Miss Delaware Teen USA, rocked this sophisticated high collar homecoming dress at last month’s pageant. Elegant and timeless, this unforgettable gown comes alive with glamorous beading, swirling floral pattern crystal details, and delicate cap sleeves. The ruched empire waist gives way to a chiffon overlay skirt with a high-leg slit for a hint of sexy.


Hannah Greene, Miss Tennessee Teen USA, looked ravishing in yellow, but it’s her pearl off the shoulder straps that have us swooning. This shorter lace version is the stuff of homecoming dreams.

Though the Miss Teen USA pageant may be over until next year, homecoming season is just beginning!

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