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Concept 2 Consumption Fashion and Technology

  C2C is a fashion technology enterprise  focused on reinventing the fashion industry through a unique integration of fashion, technology, medical and the arts. Located in Austin, TX, our company endeavors not only to develop domestic production, but also to do so in an ecologically-sound and technologically-progressive way. Our goal is to be the leader in fashion technology focus on nano and bio-technology smart fashion. 

Please contact us of any interest in being a partner of our future. The project is developing a new  phase of smart fashion. Currently, we have partners representing private industry, government and education. And, the overarching goal of this C2C is to build a creative company characterized by collaboration, incubation, and acceleration that will serve as model for the global fashion industry.

As you might imagine, each partner will contribute resources in accordance with its core strengths. Thus, as to the specific contributions that your company could make certainly remains open for discussion. I suggest we discuss the ways in which your company might be interested in contributing  and learning about C2C projects. Of course C2C would welcome financial support, assistance with labs, product development, education and training resources, etc. However, collaboration on all levels is the core mission of the C2C, so the specifics of a partnership would need to be further explored at your convenience.

Samuel Alexander-Founder/CEO

C2C Fashion and Technology

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Order-Register Will Work for Your Company

  Order Register is your solution for expanding and growing your business as well as raising awareness in the customer’s and target audiences’ mind for your offerings. The world of fashion is evolving constantly, and there is no dearth of designers. The trick, however, is to have the spotlight on yourself. This is done through savvy designs and product deliveries, but also through the use of emerging marketing tools and through reaching a wider audience. All of this must then be managed effectively and efficiently so as to assist and facilitate business operations and marketing.

  Order-Register offers you with compatible and user-friendly solutions for managing your business- from the front end as well as the back end. The company allows you to effectively and efficiently manage and allocate the resources available, and make the optimal use of time management as well. This is important because as it allows your company and personnel to respond to queries and feedback accurately and systematically. Order-Register allows your business to have a more systematic and an orderly face and manner. This is important not only for the internal management of the business that you are supporting, but also for managing the external image that your company projects.

  We offer solutions through providing you with: Social customer relationship management (SCRM) Enterprise resource planning (ERP) Software as a Service (SaaS) These solutions will aid in the smooth and UN-obstructive running of your business as well as allow you to penetrate the masses at large. The SCRM will enable you to use the social media platforms and gain advantage through them. It will not only identify the potential platforms that will be useful for you, but will also help you generate and reshape the content that you are planning to display. This content will be tailored to match your business offering as well as the needs of the customer. The match created fills in the gap and leaves no room for discrepancy or loopholes in between the customer and your business. The ERP will similarly help you mange internal business resources and people. The SaaS will help you keep track of the activities and the processes that are being implemented and run through your business, as well as allow the tracking of results for these processes.

  Order-Register will work for your company because it will allow you to tap into the global market and audiences. As our offerings are implemented through the World Wide Web, our solutions will aid you in business expansion as well as gaining recognition. Through portrayal on the social media and savvy management of your business on the same, our solutions can help you gain awareness and results in the soonest time. Our solutions will also allow you to operate 24/7- you will not be limited by time or space anymore. Order-Register allows you to explore your own potential and reach the heights in the global fashion world- marking your own designs and creating waves through imagination. With us, no destination is unreachable, and nothing is unachievable- Order Register is full of possibilities where nothing is impossible! Thank You.

Sam Alexander

CEO Order Register Inc

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Written by

Oliver Wright, Managing Director, Strategy, Consumer Goods and Services, Accenture

Zara Ingilizian, Head of Consumer Industry and System Initiative, Member of the Executive Committee, World Economic Forum LLC

Two powerful forces are transforming the nature of consumption. The empowered consumer and disruptive technologies have sent companies scrambling to find new strategies and business models for creating consumer value. At the same time, businesses are having to overhaul their operating models to drive innovation and increase their market agility.

In short, there is a digital revolution in consumer industries. To survive in a new, more collaborative environment, players must reinvent themselves to drive inclusive growth for business and society.

Revisiting the sources of disruption

Last year’s World Economic Forum Future of Retail Insights Report outlined the transformation of consumer industries. It showed how the Fourth Industrial Revolution is unleashing an unprecedented level of digital disruption that is affecting entire systems of production, distribution and consumption.

Digitalization has transformed the way that consumers discover, evaluate, purchase and use products and services. As they have become more connected, consumers have also become more empowered. They demand experiences, not just products, and have become active participants at every stage of the value chain – acting as innovators, marketers and even employees – with turbocharged expectations and demanding control.

Meanwhile, Disruptive Technologies (e.g. robotics, the Internet of Things, artificial intelligence) are driving a step change in business performance, enabling companies to offer once-impossible services.

Together, these two forces have sparked an explosion of consumer-focused start-ups, whose new business models (e.g., sharing, on-demand and subscription models) are redefining the nature of consumption. We project that consumer industries will change more in the next 10 years than in the last 40 – and at an ever-accelerating pace of transformation. To stay competitive and meet dynamic market demands, businesses must reconsider their purpose and revamp their operating models.

Exploring the impact of disruption

Thriving in this new environment will require companies to make a series of strategic decisions about their business and operating models.

A business model defines how a company captures value and goes to market; it outlines target customers and markets, products and services, a revenue model, and channels to deliver value.

The business model drives an operating model, which leverages three key components – people, process and technology – to define how a business constructs and operates its capabilities to deliver its business strategy. The operating model is a blueprint for an organization’s capabilities and the key relationships between its business functions, processes and structures. It also identifies the key organization behaviors, as well as the enabling technologies and digital capabilities.

As companies prepare for the future, they must redefine their operating models. No function and virtually no role in the industry will remain untouched as the Empowered Consumer and Disruptive Technologies transform the nature of consumption. Employees and leaders alike will need to operate very differently.

‘End-to-end’ thinking will draw functions together, reshape roles, eliminate large blocks of activity and transform others. Vital new capabilities will be needed to achieve unprecedented consumer intimacy, embed predictive analytics in decision-making, build collaborative ecosystems, and support the increased range of business models.

Further, Disruptive Technologies will dramatically change how work is done, integrating the roles of people, processes and technology. New skills and dynamic, adaptable workforce models will be required to optimize the operating model. A new strategy will govern this operating model, balancing organizational agility and the unique value proposition of each business model with central resources and shared consumer insight.

Internal evolution will not be enough, however. In this newly complex world, no company can operate in isolation. We are now in the age of the ecosystem, where industry players come together to deliver seamless consumer solutions. Individual companies are expert in a specific area, but satisfying consumers requires experts in various areas to co-operate within ecosystem partnerships.

Ecosystems will become the source of new market creation. Complete consumer experiences will not only bring together traditional value-chain partners, but create alliances with entities from outside the industry and with consumers themselves. Linear value chains will become cross-industry networks in which each business defines its strategic role within the ecosystem, focusing on core competencies and ceding capabilities and activities it once owned to new partners. As each player focuses on its comparative advantage and leverages partners’ strengths, ‘co-opetition’ arrangements will maximize collective consumer value.

Considering societal implications

Shockwaves from the impact of the Empowered Consumer and Disruptive Technologies on business will be felt across society. As the Future of Retail report showed, public-private collaborations must address and mitigate three major societal effects:

  • The effect of physical retail evolution on communities
  • The transformation of the workforce
  • The environmental consequences of last-mile delivery

While each of these is critical, we believe workforce repercussions will be the most extensive – and the most challenging to overcome. As such, it should be a primary target for public-private collaboration.

New operating models will reshape what work needs to be done and who does the work. They will need a fluid spectrum of adaptive, responsive and innovative workforce models – encompassing traditional employees, partners, freelancers and consumers-as-employees – that can meet demand with the right talent at the right time. Traditional employees and partners will provide deep business expertise and operational consistency to sustain performance. Freelancers and consumers will make up a flexible, on-demand workforce to fulfill immediate needs and provide specialized or rare skills. Managing this mix of workforce models will require significant changes in organizational culture and leadership.

To sustain these mixed workforces, companies will need to revamp talent-management activities and overhaul training efforts to enable continual upskilling and retooling. Educators must create curriculums that give students the attitude and adaptability they will need to be the employees of the future. Governments will have to help workers navigate job transition, providing a better safety net to support displaced workers, while also fostering economic growth with new labor regulations that suit new employment models. Finally, the public and private sectors will need to collaborate to expand availability and access to continuous learning opportunities, so that workers can acquire the necessary skills to change with the market and emerging technologies.

Embracing the ‘new’

The companies that survive the next 10 years will be the ones that embrace the Empowered Consumer and Disruptive Technologies. They will be data driven and far more externally oriented, working seamlessly with new partners, on-demand employees and (as part of an extended workforce) consumers.

The industry cannot reinvent itself on its own, however. Businesses, policymakers and educators must all embrace the coming changes. Each will have a crucial role to play in developing dynamic commercial and labor marketplaces, supported by effective labor regulations and relevant educational opportunities. But, more than anything else in an age of continuous disruption, open collaboration will be key to driving positive outcomes for consumers, workers and industry players alike. This initiative is designed to start the conversations that will lead to that collaboration.

The Future of Consumption System Initiative will publish its report on the future of operating models later this year. The latest news and research from the initiative can be found here.

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Samuel Alexander

Concept 2 Consumption (C2C) is an Austin, TX-based business providing its clients with access to a revolutionary fashion and technology ecosystem.  C2C is the vision of industry veteran, Samuel Alexander, who has more than three decades of experience using technology to position his clients to take advantage of the ever-evolving global fashion industry.  Alexander is making his global contacts—with world-class specialty retailers, department stores, manufacturers, factories, mills, and trade commissions—available to businesses willing to harness the disruptive nature of technology to improve their competitive advantage.
C2C delivers expert guidance:  Project Management; Product Design/Development; Global Sourcing/ Production; Strategic Branding/Marketing; and, Technology Integration, including Wearable Technology.
We provide expert guidance and support for a broad range of businesses—whether a fledgling designer or an established manufacturer or retailer, C2C can provides expert consulting, production, and marketing services through its state-of the-art business to business (B to B) and business to consumer (B to C) Order Register platforms.

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Order Register software serves to bring buyers and suppliers of fashion and Technology together for E-commerce. Network for Interactive Digital Business Ecosystem.

Harnessing the Disruptive Nature of Technology to Transform the Fashion Industry. The anxiety around technology disruption is that it is happening everywhere.The reality is that it will change entire industries for the better.

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Tech + Style Global Austin

We are working on the second phase of a fashion technology incubator focused on reinventing the fashion industry through a unique integration of fashion, technology, medical and the arts. Located in Austin, TX, our group endeavors not only to develop domestic production, but also to do so in an ecologically-sound and technologically-progressive way. To that end, the possible addition of new fashion technology is a very exciting prospect. Please advise us of any interest in being a part of our future. The project is still in the development phase. Currently, we have incubator partners representing private industry, government and education. And, the overarching goal of this group is to build a creative hub characterized by collaboration, incubation, and acceleration that will serve as model for Austin, the State of Texas, the nation—and, the globe. As you might imagine, each partner will contribute resources in accordance with its core strengths. Thus, as to the specific contributions that your company could make, that certainly remains open for discussion. I suggest we discuss the ways in which your company might be interested in contributing to, and learning from, our project. Of course the group would welcome financial support, assistance with labs, product development, education and training resources, etc. However, collaboration on all levels is the core mission of the Austin fashion incubator, so the specifics of a partnership would need to be further explored at your convenience.

Samuel Alexander-Founder

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When the average person thinks of a social network, they think of their favorite personal platforms like LinkedIN, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest, etc.

When business owners think of social networks, they think of how they can use the platforms to generate sales and attract customers. However, savvy business owners are realizing that there’s more to social networking and the ways it can accelerate business growth.

When your business builds a private  network for your staff and customers to communicate and thrive; you take customer service to the next level.

Private networks can quickly become intimate, fun communities your customers enjoy checking into several times a day. Social media platforms naturally drive people to think that way.

When you and your staff interact on your private network, you learn:

  • Where to take your organization in the future,
  • What new products and upgrades customers are craving,
  • What the prime frustrations and issues are with your current product or service offerings,
  • Who your target demographic is on a deeper level, and
  • Where more opportunities for joint ventures with other firms exist

Social networks create brand advocates because the act of socializing is rewarding for many people. In addition, when they meet others who share their interests on your network, you have enhanced their lives.

Private social networks are especially ideal for B2B businesses.

In a professional climate, customers expect you to value their input on product and service development. Your products and services drive their business models. In many cases, your firm is one of a short list of vendors that business has. Social media platforms make it simple and efficient for executives to check in with every client often.

Now’s a great time to show that your modern business cares and that your plan for the future includes the people who matter most, Contact us today at Order Register Let us help you create a safe, innovative space for your business to grow and engage with your customers.

Samuel Alexander CEO

Order Register Inc

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Order Register Creates Huge Opportunities for Bold Enterprises

Strengthen your business with Order Register’s global ecosystem. Order Register is a business software bridging all facets of businesses worldwide. It raises your capacity and your tendency to stay challenging in today’s global market. Order-Register provides you with consistent and user-friendly solutions for managing your business, from both front and back end. We enable you to effectively and efficiently manage and designate the resources available, and make the best possible use of your time. This is imperative because it enables your company and personnel to reply to queries and feedback in a timely manner. The disruptive aspect of Order Register entails that opportunities are no longer confined to domestic markets or mega corporations rather Order Register is significantly giving rise to new opportunities as software for small and medium-sized enterprises. It is fully capable of supporting and managing large business activities. In developing countries, Businesses are now able to engage in local, national and international trade to become part of the global economy.

Digital strategy must address business operations

  Order-Register allows your business to have a more systematic and precise manner. This is significant not only for the internal management of the business but also for managing the external image that your company portrays. Order Register offers solutions by providing you with:

  • Social customer relationship management (SCRM)
  • Enterprise resource planning (ERP)
  • Software as a Service (SaaS)
  • Virtual Mall (VM) and Augmented Mall (AM)

 Order Register enables enterprises to streamline processes, fast-track innovation and continually adapt to an ever-evolving marketplace.If you are looking for expansion and advancement for your business simultaneously, by informing your target audience and creating awareness in their minds then Order Register is your answer. The fashion industry has evolved overtime and there is no paucity of designers. In this scenario the way to go is to stay in the limelight which is done through crafty designs and product deliveries.  There is something else also that plays a vital role, which is the use of marketing tools that help you target a wider range of audience.

The anxiety around digital disruption is that it is happening everywhere.

The reality is that it will change entire industries for the better.

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Virtual Reality Headsets

How many virtual reality headsets could be sold this year, though? Most projections about virtual reality sales talk in terms of what's expected to happen over the remainder of the decade; the expectation is for major growth as prices (of headsets and the required PC components) decline and more virtual reality-enabled content becomes available. For instance, research firm Tractica believes revenue from virtual reality hardware and content will reach almost $22 billion worldwide in 2020, compared with only $110 million in 2014.

Market researcher Strategy Analytic said it expects global virtual reality headset revenues will reach $895 million in 2016.

About 77 percent of that value will be accounted for by newly launched premium devices from Oculus, HTC, and Sony. These three brands however will only account for 13 percent of volumes in 2016 as lower priced smartphone-based devices will dominate share of the 12.8 million unit virtual reality headset market. Strategy Analytics said it sees 2016 as a pivotal year for virtual reality given a confluence of factors and also one where managing expectations will be paramount given a dearth of available content and the technical limitations of entry-level virtual reality. Strategy Analytics predicts that high-end virtual reality headsets tethered to PCs and game consoles will barely exceed 1.7 million devices shipped globally in 2016 due to prohibitively high pricing. However, awareness of — and actual exposure to — such state-of-the-art systems will build rapidly in 2016. At the same time, smartphone toting consumers are being bombarded by low cost and often bundled-in VR viewers.

With proper ecosystem management, Strategy Analytics’ analysts believe that smartphone-based VR can serve as an effective “gateway drug” to upsell users to higher quality VR experiences down the road while locking them into early but potentially sticky ecosystems.

Cliff Raskind, director of Strategy Analytics’ Wearable Device Ecosystems service, said in a statement, “Consumers will soon be exposed to an incredible diversity of virtual reality options ranging from ultra-low cost to super premium. While we expect smartphone-based viewers to take the lion’s share of VR headset volumes in 2016 at 87 percent of shipments, PC and Game Console powered headsets will absolutely dominate value share commanding 77% of revenues.” He went on to say, “Additionally, we believe VR has the potential to fuel a new tech spec race in hardware areas such as display resolution, GPUs, storage and 360-degree cameras.”

Begin to do the best business of 2016 NOW!

Please Contact: Sam Alexander with any question about private label or branded orders for headsets.

Thank You
Sam Alexander
sam13061 Skype

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Blank and Custom 100% Pima & Tangüis Cotton Production


Pima Cotton: Our main raw material.

Tangüis Cotton: Our second option in quality.

Tangüis is a long staple cotton and grows in the valleys of Peru and is also considered among the finest long fiber cotton varieties.

We work with these 2 high quality cotton types and produce 100% cotton fabrics, blends with other fibers, but also are able to work with any other cotton more affordable if required.

We also offer new moisture management technology for cotton which add fast-drying and moisture-wicking performance of synthetic fabrics to the comfort and softness of a 100% Cotton.

We have available several apparel styles designed for the main fashion markets of the world, but in addition can work according to the most demanding requirements of other companies starting from scratch.

- Peruvian Pima - Supima - Tangüis -

Also Blends with synthetic fibers

Small & Large Orders:
We produce only high quality garments including T-Shirt, Polo Shirts, Tank Tops, Sweatshirts, Pants, Henley s, Underwear and many other garments to export worldwide.
After several years working in the industry, we have designed our company and services to fit the needs as for small as well for big companies.
We have available some of our existing and best selling styles for Men, Women, Kids and Babies.
We offer a Private Label or Full Package Program, from the design, development of custom fabrics, your own cut / style, embellishment to the packing, we provide all the apparel manufacturing services.
Sleeves: Short or Long Sleeves
Fabric options: Jersey, Slub Jersey or Interlock.

Cotton Qualities (from the Highest to the Lowest): PIMA, SUPIMA, TANGUIS, IMPORTED.

Yarn Counts (Carded or Combed): 20/1, 24/1, 30/1, 40/1, 50/1, 60/1.


Minimum per Fabric Type: 500 pieces.
Minimum per Colour: 500 pieces.
Minimum per Cut/Style: 250 pieces.
Minimum for Printing or Embroidering: 250 pieces per design.

*Quantities based on adult garments.

Private Label Program / Full Package Program

We offer a Private Label Program directed to companies that need to start from scratch and are looking for fully customized clothing.

As part of our Full Package Program, we can get a fully finished product with all details, trims and marketing items our customers may require, thus you will receive the garments ready to sell!

We are able to start from either of the following options:

Option 1:
Technical Specifications Documents including Technical Details of the Fabric, Design and Construction Details, Trim Placements and Specifications, Pattern Assembly Details (including machine requirements), Garment Dimensions per Size, Details of Print/Embroidery designs.

Option 2:
Ship to us a physical sample so we can replicate it, from the Fabric, Design and Construction Details, Assembly Details, Dimensions, everything you may require.



Minimum per Fabric Type: 500 pieces.
Minimum per Color: 500 pieces.
Minimum per Style/Cut: 500 Pieces.
Minimum for Printing or Embroidering: 250 pieces per design.

*Quantities based on adult garments. Minimums may vary depending on each particular garment type.


We are able to manufacture the following knitted fabrics:


RIB (1x1, 2x2 & Variegated)
PIQUE (Simple & Double)

Special Feature: We can add a Super-Soft Suede finish to all of the fabrics listed above.


YARNS COUNTS (Carded or Combed): 20/1, 24/1, 30/1, 40/1, 50/1, 60/1.



The following are the Minimum Quantities:

Dye Effects: 400 pieces per Color/Effect.
Printing: 300 pieces per Design.
Embroidering: 300 pieces per Design.
Below you can find some of the embellishments we can do:

Sewing / Construction Details

Water-Based Ink
Mix: Discharge + Rhinestones

Dye and Wash Effects.

The following are some of the dye and wash effects we are able to do. This type of embellishment will make your t-shirts unique and exclusive:
Garment Dye
Pigment Dye
Marble Dyed
Dip Dyed
Garment Dye   Pigment Dyed   Marble Dye Effect Dip Dye
Ink Spots Effect
Tie Dye - Stripes
Ink Spots Effect   Raindrops   Clouds Dye Effect Tie Dye Stripes

Spiral Tie Dye

Bamboo Dye Effect
Spiral Brush
Linear Brush
Spiral Tie Dye   Bamboo Dye Effect   Spiral Brush Linear Brush

Acid Wash

Dotted + Vintage
Inner Airbrush Dye
Acid Wash   Dotted and Vintage Wash   Burnout - Devore Inner Airbrush Dye on Slub Jersey


Pre-Production Services

  • Consulting and Product Development
  • Pattern Making
  • Marking and Grading
  • Samples Making
  • Sales Rep Sampling

Production Services

  • Knitting
  • Dyeing
  • Cutting
  • Sewing
  • Printing Service: We work with the screen printing method, we can do it in any size and all over print. We work with many print types and techniques: Water-based ink, Plastisol, Discharge and others that are used nowadays like Flock, Foil, 3D, Puff, Glitter, Caviar, Rhinestones, etc.
  • Computerized Embroidering Service, including appliques.
  • Laundry Service: Garment Wash & Special Dye Effects.

Post Production Services

  • Pressing
  • Hang-tagging, Folding and Poly-bagging
  • Packing

Please contact us with any request or questions

Sam Alexander


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Order Register Shakes Up Corporate Ideology

The disruptive nature of Order Register means that opportunities are no longer limited to domestic markets or large corporations. Order Register is a business ecosystem connecting all aspects of business worldwide, increasing productivity and your ability to compete in today’s global market.  Order Register is significantly creating new opportunities for small and medium-sized enterprises, as well as being capable of managing large business activities.  Businesses in developing countries are now able to engage in local, national and international trade to become part of the global economy.

The great leap forward in technology offers small global businesses other key competitive benefits, such as the ability to:

  • Work "24/7" across time zones, countries, and continents.
  • Compete effectively for global commerce.
  • E-commerce platforms that opens up the world of retail to a global network of smaller or large producers.
  • Savvy businesses can engage with niche audiences or expand their reach globally.
  • Provide entrepreneurs with affordable and/or free access to virtually any communication function they need to run a company — from live broadcasting to free video conferencing.
  • Offer business owners flexible, on-demand access to thousands of factories, manufacturers, retailers and services.
  • Much lower cost than hiring resources or developing business capability internally.
  • Offer services to track work in progress, logistic, billing, payment, sales and production.
  • Allows entrepreneurs to design and sell goods globally without a physical plant or inventory.

  Order Register network is the largest business social ecosystem online today, where professional users are building relationships and transacting business with potential customers, clients, partners and peers. Order Register is a powerful audience that you can engage, transact business, interact with, and influence.

Order Register’s global venture model makes it possible for small companies to penetrate global markets very quickly and at very low cost. Order Register gives you the capacity to simultaneously develop a global and local perspective and sustainable strategy.  Order Register has made it possible for individuals to stay involved, in-touch, and productive in ways not thought possible years ago.

Connect your Business to the World.

Thank You

Sam Alexander CEO

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Many factories contact me daily to try and start a relationship with my company for production. Most do not understand that they have to change their business practice to do business in the new era. I have factories that I have great relationships with to do large order 20,000  to 50,000 units but need factories that understand the new growth will come from the integration of other industries such as technology, medical and art into the fashion industry.

The days of a factory just getting an order and producing is over. We will need factories that are willing to do 100 t0 300 unit runs on production to help with the development of new ideas in developing new products. The average development time for some of these products take three to six months just to develop but the reward is a higher quality product that give the factory a higher profit per unit.

We also need factories that have new technology such as sublimation printing, 3d digital printing, and new fibers as they are developed. we need factories with new business development ideas.

Please see the above business chart on how we are making the change of era to develop new business markets. if you feel you are willing to change and move in to the new business era please contact us. We are focus on developing new companies here in the United State that are incorporating fashion, technology, medical, and the arts into new marketable products.

Thank You for your interest

Sam Alexander

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1. Everything You Need to Develop Your Global Business Ecosystem

2. Social Customer Relationship Management (SCRM)

3. Engage, Inform, Interact and Impress your Customers

4. Source, Design, Develop, and Sell Products Globally


5. Customize Your Dashboard to Run Your Global Business

Social Dashboard

Business Dashboard

6. Interact with all Members

7. Add Photos and Videos

8. Create Blogs, Discussions, Activity Feed, Comments, and Forums

9. Invite Your Contacts From all Major Social Networks

10. Translate Order Register Website Into 32 Languages

Global Client Contact in 32 Languages 24/7

11. Manage and Create your own Groups

12. Video Chat Globally Free

13. Live Broadcasting

14. Share Content To 150 Networks

15. Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

16. Create Tech Packs, Pick Ticket, Orders, and Invoices

Track Sales, Production, and Inventory

17. Software as a Service (SaaS)

1. Access your Data Securely
2. Sync across Devices and Users
3. Run Your Business From Your Mobile Devise
4. Access Your Data Securely Work Anywhere, Anytime
5. Sync across Devices and Users.

17. Create Catalog and Sell your Product Globally

18. Order Register's Ecosystem All the Essentials to Build your Business

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The beta release for Order Register – Conception to Consumption will be on February 3rd, 2015. Order Register Release is a company that helps individuals to grow their businesses while also promoting awareness among their customers and target audiences during the course of expanding their business. They pride themselves at offering effective management services to various fashion businesses in Order Register to aid in business operations and management.

February3rd, 2015: It was recently announced by the representatives of the Order Register Release Company that their beta release will take place on the 3rd of February, 2015. Order Register Release – Conception to Consumption software is a company that offers ERP, Social CRM and SAAS ecosystems for the people engaged in the fashion industry, to help them expand their businesses for further growth and development. They pride themselves at offering a spotlight for their clients. The software developers at Order Register Release believe that, it requires the use of advanced marketing tools and technologies to initiate savvy designs and product deliveries for the purpose of reaching a wider spectrum of audiences. They strive to maintain efficient assisting services and provide effective management of marketing and business operations for their client’s business growth and expansion.

The beta test for their software which is the second phase of any kind of software testing is expected to be started on the 3 rd of February 2015. Like all other beta test release this will also involve a variety of target audiences to try their new product out. The main services that Order Register Release offers to its clients include: assisting in setting up a storefront i.e. a showroom, creating an attractive catalog to facilitate transaction wholesale or retail business, photos, videos, forums, blogs and groups in Order Register to reach a broader audience for promotion, they also offer direct contact for manufacturers and retailers in a total of 34 different languages and many more.

They also provide the use of latest technologies required for effective marketing and development like mobile applications, video chatting services, live digital global broadcasting of various products and services etc. If we try to explain the process through which Order Register Release helps its clients in business growth in a simple flowchart manner then it would read as follows: - Join Affiliate -> Find Product -> Promote Product -> Track Sales -> Earn commissions and this goes on as a cyclic process.

The main vision behind Order Register Release was conceived several years ago, after a dire need for a program which will connect productions and the completion of the processes within the fashion industry was felt in the software world for many years. As the developers from Order Register Release reported that their main aim is to connect all the aspects of the fashion world in a total of a whopping 34 different languages with precision and expertise. They plan to start with the wholesale clothing market and then expend further into the shoes, cosmetics, gift accessories, hair products and also the furniture industries.

Contact information:

Samuel Alexander CEO

Order Register Inc


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Summary:  The software company Order Register incorporates Social CRM as another component in their list of services. Social CRM incorporates all the factors involved in interaction of the company with its clients. Order Register is company that offers clients in the fashion business with an Ecosystem for promoting their products and interacting with target audiences using the latest technologies and marketing tools available in the market. They help fashion business owners to expand and grow their field of business.

August 30,2015: Social CRM stands for Customer Relationships Management. It includes all the aspects that are needed to be taken care of for maintaining effective interactions between the company and its consumers. It is an important aspect for the development of any company whether sales related or service related. As suggested by the people at Order Register the phrase Customer Relationships Management is mostly used to describe a company – customer relationship. But here at Order Register their CRM service also manages ones business contacts, contact win, sales leads and clients.

The main services that Order Register– Conception to Consumption Software prides in offering are: - Social CRM services for efficient business communications, numerous platforms that are highly secure for conducting business transactions and communications, coming up with catalogs for retailing businesses or wholesale transaction. Other services include assisting clients to build their own social network, enabling live digital global broadcasting of various products and services of their clients. They also offer various modern interactive technologies like video chatting and designing mobile apps to create possibilities for growth and development of their clients fashion businesses.

One can best describe Order Register as an Interactive Digital Business Ecosystem Service that encompasses within itself, all aspects of the fashion industry. Like designers, warehouse, factory, retailers, sales, consumers, source brand marketing, services of communication through entertainment and education, assisting in producing sales orders and other services such as blogs, pictures and videos.


Order Register was conceived  after many years of a need for a program that connected production and fulfillment process for the fashion business into one software program. The plan of Order Register is to connect all aspects of the fashion world in 32 different languages, starting with the wholesale clothing industry and expanding into the shoe, gift, accessory, cosmetic, hair, and furniture industries. Order Register is a cloud Ecosystem consisting of a ERP {Enterprise Resource Planning}and a SCRM {social customer relationship management}.
  The benefit of Order Register is that it will give your company global presence and the ability transact business throughout the world. The data is stored in a secure cloud Ecosystem where all parties concerned can share access to real time information in a global environment. Order Register Ecosystem will connect all tasks such as production, ordering, customer service, credit and sales.

 A cloud Ecosystem is a virtual data center. It is made up of a collection of strategic scalability. Whether you choose to run one or one thousand applications, you will never have to worry about configuring or optimizing anything since everything is done automatically. You don’t ever have to worry about paying for additional server hardware, network switches or additional software. Your company will access this program for a monthly fee instead of buying expensive software and hardware.

Order Register Affiliate Shopping Cart offers you a powerful e-commerce shopping cart that integrates seamlessly with our  Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)  and your existing website, and can also be added to your page on social media networks, such as Facebook or mySpace. Packed with high-value features, making it a low-cost, high-return solution for today’s e-commerce businesses.

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Sam Alexander Fashion and Technology

Paradigm shift is Inevitable

Those who believe the paradigm shift is inevitable, it is no secret that massive opportunities exist for trend setters and early adopters. Got a great idea for a new product? Congratulations!! You're about to embark on a journey of a lifetime! Getting a new product to market is a whole new learning experience. It's exciting, Challenging, frustrating, confusing, potentially rewarding. I have Mapped out a path for pioneer People with New Vision and Innovative Ideology. The aim and objective of this organization is to Open the Initiative of the Global society. With the common vision to promote and implement radical changes in our today's global economy. We offer marketing in a traditional and digital media environment, Including branding, market positioning ,marketing, creative team, sourcing, and product development.

Marketing and Product Development

Conception to Consumption
Experience of over 35 years in the Fashion and Technology Industry Specializing in Branded Products, Wearable Technology, Safety,and Medical Wearable Production.
“Sam Alexander is productive and disciplined professional with a background in production, sourcing, strategic planning, brand management, marketing, purchasing, key relationship management, forecasting, and supplier management. Organize multifaceted processes while collaborating with cross-functional teams to meet customer requirements as well as overall company vision.
Sam Alexander is experiences in marketing, product development, and technology innovation. I have been instrumental in promoting the growth and development of numerous major labels such as Backflare, Jukz Sport, Buc ee's, Votre Nom Paris, Levi Strauss, Gloria Vanderbilt, Jones of New York, Nygard Industries, Lois, InWear, Bluedot International, Leather International, David Dart, Laundry, Willi Smith, Shelli Segal, Kookai, Enzym, Blue Addict, Hype, B-Zen, Lado Avesso, Icon Aura and Sue Wong.
 Sam Alexander has  contact with the best specialty retailers, department stores, manufacturers, factories, mills, and trade commissions throughout the world. My ability to work with both small business owners and major corporations sets me apart in this ever-changing world.
 Manufacturing Design, Production, Sourcing, Marketing, Fabric research, technology research and development, Fashion technology integration and medical wearable.

   Sam Alexander have developed Cyberlink and Order Register industry specific Cloud ecosystem software for the fashion industry to manage all production from conception to consumption.

Product Development, Negotiation, Excellent Vendor & Retail Relationships

Private Label and Branded

We offer a Full Private Label Program directed to companies that need to start from scratch and are looking for fully customized clothing. Our company services have been designed to help small and large companies develop their own private label or branded products. We are able to offer low minimums for companies that are just starting in private label. We also offer high quality production and a talented design staff.

Sales and Marketing

I am experienced business entrepreneur with over 35 years of experience in the fashion and technology industry. I have been instrumental in the development of hundreds of labels such as; Votre Nom...Levi Strauss, Gloria Vanderbilt, Jones of New York, Nygard Industries, Lois, InWear, Bluedot International, Leather International, David Dart, Laundry, Shelli Segal, Kookai, and Sue Wong. My ability to accurately predict trends in the industry and proven track record of success is a result of my consistent contact with the best specialty retailers and department stores throughout the United States and Canada, as well as trade commissions, and manufacturers and factories  across the world. Owned and developed Cyberlink and Order Register industry specific software for the apparel industry. My capability to work with small business owners and major corporations.

Enterprise Leading Edge Technology

Contact us if you have a product or own a factory that would like us to develop your products or company distribution.

Sam Alexander- Owner

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Order Register Fashion Ecosystem

Order Register Fashion Ecosystem

A better way to run your global fashion business


Social customer relationship management (SCRM)

Enterprise resource planning (ERP)

Software as a Service (SaaS)

Work Anywhere, Anytime

Access your data securely, have it
sync across devices and users.

Do More in Less Time

Create and track production and sales.
create instant pick tickets and invoices.

Develop and sale your product globally online.

All the Essentials

Client Contact

Tech pack, order forms, pick ticket, invoice and inventory

Track your business

Free for 30 days - no credit card required.

Thanks to Order Register, businesses are no longer confined to a local geography when building business—the world can be your market from day one.

Sam Alexander CEO

Order Register

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