What are you doing about your domestic production?

Designer & developer seeking domestic contractor manufacturer's and trimming sources will find it at the punch of a button on a mobile device in a cloud integrating reality.
We are in the process of the change of an era and most people hate change. The people that take advantage of this change in technology will benefit before they have to pay for it . This is the new frontier. Be sure and stake you claim and take a leadership roles for eCommerce platforms. Nothing is easy for a pioneer, but the rewards are great.

Cloud Technology Phases:
Phase 1. The network hookup.
Phase 2. Implementation of technology resources.
Phase 3. Integrations of all networks.
Phase 4. Real-time capitalization of assets.

Order Register will offer you one place to come and do you business whether it is domestic or imported. We do live in a global economy for sourcing. There are some thing that other countries do better. Do not be afraid to take advantage of these resources for your made in America products.

Faith Popcorn predicted 2012 the year of loco Local {Economy}. The future is practically a textbook disruption case. aggressive sales and marketing culture is over. The consumer will tell you what they want and be able to compare the price on the mobile device. Methodologies needed to align the solutions to the consumer. Many great opportunities for the up and comers!
We all have to think outside the box and put a lot of work into adjusting to the changes in consumer demand. Things are changing through out the world and price is not the only variable. We will see new access to domestic supplier and production base on demand.
Made in America will be a very important asset. The consumer this year will realize the power of their consumption and start demanding more Made in America products because they will come to understand the power of a local economy.
What are you doing about your domestic production?

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I am proud to say my designs are produced in the USA and hope to keep it that way. I am currently looking for pattern and sample makers as well as production for very small quantities of my designs.

Thank you

Thanks for joining our network. I can introduce you to some of the designer you need to network with to find good resources here in the United States if you like.
Sam Alexander.

Sounds great thanks Sam..

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