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A Better Way To Run Your Global Fashion Business

The disruptive nature of Order Register means that opportunities are no longer limited to domestic markets or large corporations.

Order Register is a business ecosystem connecting all aspects of business worldwide, increasing productivity and your ability to compete in today’s global market.

Order Register is significantly creating new opportunities for small and medium-sized enterprises, as well as being capable of managing large business activities. Businesses in developing countries are now able to engage in local, national and international trade to become part of the global economy.

Everything You Need to Develop Your Global Fashion Business

Social Customer Relationship Management (SCRM)

Global Client Contact in 32 Languages 24/7

Develop and Sell Products Globally

Engage, Inform, and Impress your Customers

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

Create Tech Packs, Pick Ticket, Orders, and Invoices

Track Sales, Production, and Inventory

Software as a Service (SaaS)

Access your Data Securely

Do More in Less Time

All the Business Essentials

Build your Business with Order Register’s Global Fashion Ecosystem


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Creating Lu's Life Line, a series, pulse-patterns for textiles/products to use in our homes and community spaces. The patterns are inspired by circadian rhythms and natural cycles experienced in the course of a day. They pay tribute to simple but deeply profound rituals that remind us about what matters most. Each pattern is fitted with a palette designed to enrich the story with color and light.
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"Hello Mrs. Abiola Buwuah if you cannot tell me your business in public then I likely have no interest in your business. Have a great day"
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