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Social Customer Relationship Management (SCRM)

Global Client Contact in 32 Languages 24/7

Engage, Inform, and Impress your Customers

Develop and Sell Products Globally

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

Create Tech Packs, Pick Ticket, Orders, and Invoices

Track Sales, Production, and Inventory

Software as a Service (SaaS)

Access your Data Securely

Sync across Devices and Users

Work Anywhere, Anytime

Do More in Less Time


Build your Global Business Ecosystem 


Order Register was conceived  after many years of a need for a program that connected production and fulfillment process for the fashion business into one software program. The plan of Order Register is to connect all aspects of the fashion world in 32 different languages, starting with the wholesale clothing industry and expanding into the shoe, gift, accessory, cosmetic, hair, and furniture industries. Order Register is a cloud Ecosystem consisting of a ERP {Enterprise Resource Planning}and a SCRM {social customer relationship management}.
  The benefit of Order Register is that it will give your company global presence and the ability transact business throughout the world. The data is stored in a secure cloud Ecosystem where all parties concerned can share access to real time information in a global environment. Order Register Ecosystem will connect all tasks such as production, ordering, customer service, credit and sales.

 A cloud Ecosystem is a virtual data center. It is made up of a collection of strategic scalability. Whether you choose to run one or one thousand applications, you will never have to worry about configuring or optimizing anything since everything is done automatically. You don’t ever have to worry about paying for additional server hardware, network switches or additional software. Your company will access this program for a monthly fee instead of buying expensive software and hardware.

Order Register Affiliate Shopping Cart offers you a powerful e-commerce shopping cart that integrates seamlessly with our  Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)  and your existing website, and can also be added to your page on social media networks, such as Facebook or mySpace. Packed with high-value features, making it a low-cost, high-return solution for today’s e-commerce businesses.


Order Register has enabled you to join together into communities based upon responsive products or services. One of the best ways for you to help foster the Order Register community is to make your company an active participant.

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